The Culture Doesn’t Define Me As A Woman! 

Being a born again Christian, I have turned away from the ways of the world and have turned to God’s word! All scripture is profitable. I like how Voodie Baucham says it, “The culture doesn’t dictate the truth, the gospel dictates the truth!”

God has shown me through His word that being a woman is a great blessing. Those who are part of the feminist movement are missing out on God’s beautiful design for women. What they don’t understand is that men and woman are equal.  We have equal value and equal responsibility to obey and serve the Lord. But as a woman, God gave me different roles than men.

Our culture has made biblical womanhood to be something that is not profitable to the society. As if raising children and taking care of her husband and home isn’t profitable. Satan is working hard to destroy family, and women stepping out of their roles that God has given them has harmed families greatly.

A Christian woman appreciates the beauty that God has given her, and walks with God in such a way that she radiates the glory of God. She never rebukes God’s word by failing in her duties, but instead she has spiritual character. The fruits of the spirit dwells in her and has wisdom from the law of God. She teaches her children and is an influence to other young women.

Men who have been born again have died to themselves and love their wives as Christ loved the Church.  A woman of God has great respect for her husband and will raise their children to love the Lord. God’s design for family is made to glorify Him, not to glorify us!
God has blessed me with three beautiful girls and I’m thankful for God’s blessing of His wisdom! I owe everything to the Lord for all He has given me.

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Time For The Church To Stop Being Silent 

The church has their ears tuned out to the murder of babies everyday. Who are we as Christians to keep our mouths shut because we feel it’s a political issue. 

One of the most dangerous places in the world today is inside the mothers womb. One in four babies don’t make it outside the womb alive. America has moved further away from God, and has gladly bought into the lies of Satan.

Leaders of our nation have become perpetrators of darkness. The citizens are now easily  decieved and have accepted lies over truths. We have stopped and meditated with the forbidden for so long that we have grown cold to the truth. 

We as Christians can say, “hey, I stand outside abortion clinics with my signs and screaming across the street stop your about to murder a life!” But how many can say they walk up lovingly to a woman who is entering and share the love of Christ without provoking signs. 

How many sermons have you heard on the topic of abortion, homosexuality, racism,adultery, fornication, biblical marriage, biblical womanhood, or biblical manhood in your church over the past year? I can promise you that it isn’t much, because churches today are too afraid to offend people. Newsflash, the bible is offensive to sinners and there is no sugar coating the truth. We have a country full of weak Christians wanting to be entertained and gently spoon fed by their pastor. 

Satan is a lier, thief, murderer, destroyer, THE ENEMY!! God is The Creator, The healer, The faithful & true, The intersessor, and He is Life! God does not under no circumstances approve of abortion. Abortion is the work of Satan.  If anyone thinks there is a reason to murder a child in the womb of a mother, stands with the enemy and not God. 

Stand with the word of God our Creator. It’s not the woman’s choice to do what she wants with her body. We were purchased by the blood of Christ, and those who believe knows that we belong to Christ. 

Christianity with out action is a dead religion! 



When I was younger I didn’t understand much about hating someone based on race all I knew was it wasn’t in me to hate anyone! I remember the whole segregation thing when I was in 4th grade and I remember the fear in parents eyes when busing kids to other schools began. I just didn’t get it, the only thing that scared me was my name going to be picked to be bused off to another school? But as far as making friends with children of a different color that never scared me and I didn’t understand the fuss cause they were all so nice to me.
As I got older we had to have a black education month set aside in history class so we can learn about famous black leaders or ones that made their mark in history. I will be honest I never took it seriously not because I didn’t want to learn about them, but only because I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t fitted into everyday learning of history! If they were part of our nations history then learning about everyone should be equal!
And that’s when it hit me, that’s what Dr. King’s ambition was all about. I wanted to learn more about him and what was his actual goals for myself and not from people that just assumed what his intentions were.
He was raised in a Christian home and taught scripture and it only took one incident if seeing his father’s integrity being striped away by a police officer for him to want to make a difference in our nation. His goals were not for the black man to take over but for all races to be seen as an equal human being so that we all can have an equal chance for an education and employment. MLK wanted everyone to live in a nation that respected everyone on the same level. He understood that Jesus Christ died for all of God’s children and everyone is equal in the eyes of God. He went through rough times during his mission but he knew that he would be persecuted along the way and still pushed forward without hate in his heart.
The only people that don’t understand MLK are the ones who still have bitterness and hatred in there heart for those who are of a different race than them! He taught forgiveness, peace, and love. Yes, he had his human side and I’m sure wanted to give up but he didn’t!
Always remember his goal WASNT to put down anyone; but only to spread his wisdom to all men of all colors.
I’m sorry to be so blunt, but my view is if you actually think that your race is above anyone else and it’s all about you, then there will never have a place here in earth! Jesus Christ is the head over all people and if you can’t love all people along with him then your not a Christian!

How many are really hypocrites?


As the election is finally over and done, I can now speak my thoughts on how some professing Christians handled this situation.
The main thing that bothered me was the attack on Obama’s religious beliefs. I mean really?? Um, Mitt Romney doesn’t go by the word of God alone, he has the Book of Mormon. And you can research yourself on the Mormon faith and it has nothing to do with the Christian faith. And I would hear christians say oh well we can just pray for Mitt’s salvation he is a good guy! Huh??? So Obama’s salvation is not important? Jesus died for certain people? Well, lets just cheapen the cross why don’t we!! Wow
And who are we to seek a anti-Christ and make assumptions about people being one? Or judge others based on what they believe in? Are we not all sinners in the eyes of God? Or predict the end times and make yourself sick over it when God himself knows only when that will be! Where is your faith and your fight for the word of God to prevail over evil?
I’ve heard more leaders of the church worry more about health care and their hard earned money going to the lazy instead if the poor! Wow, is that not the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard! How many churches are getting richer while our nation is in a crisis? And how many church funded hospitals or soup kitchens and shelters do we have in America? Our mega churches send more money over seas than they do to help us in our own country! And with who’s money??? God’s!Yep God’s money u in trusted in them and u don’t question them cause they are men of God!! Hey those men of God don’t pay taxes and they live in big houses and drive fancy cars and if they don’t have their own jet the fly first class! Don’t get me wrong not all churches are like that just some and I believe u can use discernment and figure those out!
We are worried about the wrong house! Stop looking to the White House to fix your problems. Start worrying about God’s house and the way we run His house! If our churches would stop building their church based on a survey of sinners so they can have the biggest and best and start building a church based on the word of God with the power of the Holy Spirit then we would have godly men instead of men still of the flesh thinking they are saved because they repeated some superstitious prayer!!
And the more godly men to rise up and battle the sin that has taken over our country the better for America!!
We are here to glorify God and not ourselves! It’s way past time for an awaking in our churches!!!


The Church

There are a lot of different types of denominations in the world, but when it comes down to it in God’s eyes there is one Church. We can all argue who does it right and who does it wrong all I know the bible is clear when it comes to how the Church should be.
Jesus Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it to sanctify it and cleans it by the washing of the word. Jesus is the head of the Church and we and the members of His body and bones. The Church is in subjection to Christ.
A Church should be a pure and holy place of worship. It is to he without a wrinkle or spot and to be made unto to the glory of God!
We must live by the Will of God. Our songs should be spiritual and making melody to The Lord in to your heart, giving thanks and honor in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
We are to teach the word of God not in vain but with compassion and grace!
Parents are to be the teachers of the doctrine to their children and raise them up to be God fearing men and women. We are to not gossip about one another. Men and women are to dress modestly.
Women should respect there husbands and not be the head of men.
The word of God should be preached and not watered down to please men or to match up with today’s times, God never changes He is always the same!
A church shouldn’t be built to be a empire, the people are the church. God gets the glory not the man behind the pulpit it’s not his empire, don’t build beyond your means where it’s all about the tithe. It’s about helping the poor and the widows and you can’t when you have a huge electric bill, technology bill, etc… Keep it simple!!
It’s about salvation and not entertainment!! Just remember every time we bring more of the world in our churches we are no better than the Pharisees!!!


Yes, only in America!

In 1973 the Supreme Court handed down its Roe vs. Wade act allowing almost unlimited abortions to this day. Over 54,500,000 have been performed. In the same year Congress passed the endangered species act. Yes, you heard me right. The courts honored the lives of animals over humans in that same year!
And it gets even better, humans kept fighting for the rights of animals and the courts passed The Human Slaughter Act, protecting the way animals are killed.
Nothing about the way babies are slaughtered in the womb, NOTHING!
The mothers get the luxury of pain medications and what does the unborn receive? NOTHING! Oh and we call Hitler and terrorist horrible people, huh?
Worst of all so called Christians know this is murder, and they know these children are the life that God created but they do nothing! Preachers worry more about growth and money. The congregation worries more about entertainment and the easy life. Nothing about fighting for morals. Just how important it is to tithe or the event calendar of the week, oh and let’s not forget football!! And who has the best book out.
It’s time to clean up your churches and start fighting for this country and do the right thing! God’s wrath is soon upon us.